Would You Get A Stranger To Wake You Up Every Morning?

This morning a lovely British lady rung me on my mobile phone, and then in the most perfect Queen’s English told me to “get up up darling”.

After I muffled a confused hello she wished me a “fantastic day” and then hung up.

Was I dreaming?

The morning before a group of disorderly, obviously tipsy, people get me out of bed as they giggled and said “good morning” over the phone.

In fact every morning for the past three weeks I have been awakened by strangers calling me up and telling me to get on with my day.

You may be familiar with the modern alarm, a beeping phone, morning radio, or a song to be associated with waking you from a blissful slumber.

Well, now there’s a new app that could change your mornings forever.

It’s called, aptly, ‘Wakie’.

I’ve been using Wakie, the ‘social alarm clock’ which allows the user to both wake up, and be woken up by complete strangers.

Just as you would your regular alarm clock, you set a time to wake up and when it rolls around, Wakie automatically connects you with another user.

From here you get a minute to talk with your new friend before being cut off. (Note: if there is no one available at the time to wake you up, you receive an automated call).

No more reaching for the snooze button – Wakie forces your brain to interact, waking your mind in the process.

Would You Get A Stranger To Wake You Up Every Morning?

Think this is strange?

Well, the app has already been embraced by over half a million users worldwide, meaning you could be woken by anyone across the globe.

The Wakie community is divided into two camps: Sleepyheads and Wakies – a sleeper and a caller.

If you want to replace someone’s alarm clock, the app will send you a notification when someone wishes to be woken up.

It’s just as fun being both.

Initially, the concept seemed so awkward and odd to me. For what insane reason would anyone actively seek a complete stranger to wake them up in the morning?

Oddly enough, I’ve grown accustomed to it. I feel connected to the world.

Even the loud Russian guy put a smile on my face and got me out of bed.

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