Why You Should Use Social Media Advertising Like Your Customers Do

I was listening to a great social media marketing podcast on my commute home and I heard what could quite possibly be the best and simplest quote to help businesses and marketers to keep it real on their social media advertising.

Here’s an idea: print this quote out and stick it on your desk!

Why You Should Use Social Media Advertising Like Your Customers Do

The above quote really hit a chord with me. It epitomises simple and effective communication. It is a quote that any business using social media should live by. It floats my boat!

So who is this Jim Belosic? The CEO & Co-Founder of ShortStack he is a man of many talents. Not only has he grown from a freelance graphic designer into the leader of one of the largest social media software companies in the world, but he can also flip a serious pancake.

In fact, Pancake Labs (the name of Jim’s umbrella company) and ShortStack (the specific social media software), come from his ability to make three-dimensional pancakes. (Yep that’s right folks, 3D pancakes – chcek them out here.)

Why You Should Use Social Media Advertising Like Your Customers Do

Jim’s interview on the Social Pros Podcast is an oldie but a goodie. It is titled Lessons from Running 400,000 Social Media Contests and is a really great story of an inspiring entrepreneur and well worth a listen. Or you can read the transcript here.

When asked by Podcast host, Jay Baer about Belosic’s number one tip for becoming a social pro, Jim replied:

Don’t just start shouting on the rooftop; you will stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure as a marketer you can blend in, so to speak. There’s nothing worse than someone on Instagram posting 50% off sale. No one cares. You have to have something that’s a little more creative.
It takes more brain power, but it’s worth it in the end.

Wise words many marketers and business entrepeneurs should live by!

Let us know any other amazing quotes in the comments below. 

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