Why Magazine And Digital Ads Should Be Part Of Your Advertising Budget.

You’re excited.

You’ve finally got your advertising budget approved by the business bean counter, and it’s all go, go, go!

Now comes the tricky part. How do you divvy up the budget in such a way that you get the best reach and, of course, value for money out of your advertising dollar?

Sure, if your budget is big enough for a decent burst of mass media, bring out the big guns — TV, cinema, radio, and out-of-home. Just don’t blow the whole thing on awareness; keep some of it back to close the sale.

For a more targeted reach of your audience, it pays to ensure a you have a nice balance across a spread of media channels over the duration of the campaign.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re targeting the people you want is to include magazine and digital advertising in the advertising mix.

Okay, so hardly an earth-shattering revelation, but with proper planning, magazine and digital advertising in combination with mainstream media, will vastly improve you ROI, increase exposure, and ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Let’s take a brief look at why including magazine and digital advertising in an integrated campaign makes sense.

Magazine advertising

  • Magazines are tangible; readers like the look and feel of magazines and the fact they can be carried around and read anywhere and anytime they have a free moment.
  • Holding a magazine means the content is real and suggests credibility.
  • Readers are more relaxed reading a magazine and therefore more receptive to advertising — especially if the advertising relates to the content they’re reading.
  • Because of the amount of time between issues, readers look at magazines as an indulgence; they don’t read them all at once. Rather, they take their time, and that means your ads are viewed not just once, but a number of times over the lifetime of the issue.
  • Magazines are often passed to family, friends, colleagues or find their way into cafés, restaurants, hotels and waiting rooms; again increasing your ad’s frequency.
  • Depending on readership, magazine ads are extraordinary in targeting exactly the right person.
  • With glossy paper, modern presses and the latest reproduction technology, magazines are an ideal brand platform giving advertisers the opportunity to display their brand at its best.
  • Magazine ads are also perfect for announcing offers and promotions.
  • From a production standpoint, magazine advertising can be created for a fraction of the cost of broadcast media.

Digital advertising

  • A relative newcomer as a media channel, digital advertising in the form display and banner ads are now seen as a vital part of any online presence.
  • Interactivity and consumer engagement play a big part in their appeal providing great opportunities for creative executions.
  • Digital advertising provides instant gratification; customers can click to buy or to obtain more information straight from the ad.
  • Versions of ads can be tested and assessed to determine which one works best.
  • Ads are cheap to run and cheap to produce; much cheaper than any other form of mainstream media.
  • They’re constantly accessible; if you’re online, they are too.
  • Digital advertising can target customers based on location or by lifestyle choices; you can run local campaigns on national sites.

So as you can see, there are plenty of pluses to include magazine and digital in the advertising mix. Go ahead and use the tried and tested mass media channels and don’t be afraid to try other less conventional media channels as well. It all adds to increasing your brand’s overall awareness.

But a safe bet to ensure you target the right type of customers for your business is to include magazines and digital advertising as part of your advertising strategy.

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