Newstyle Media Team

Our team of clever content creators take our readers’ appetite for consistent entertaining content very seriously.

Our dedicated designers, writers, editors, photographers, advertising people, illustrators and staff – who all love magazines – spend a lot of time and energy making sure we’re finding and sharing great stories.

We have a team of amazing and creatives, copywriters, videographers, social media crackerjacks and digital marketing strategists just chomping at the bit to help you too.

Aaron Nassau


An unapologetic Nintendo fan boy, the only thing that surpasses his attraction to retro video game culture is his sad collection of Pokemon plushies. Throws back beer and can’t get enough of the family Yorkshire pudding recipe, but he loves nothing more than those who bring him salt and vinegar chips.

Eula Gonzales

Eula Gonzales

An old soul who loves a good story, Eula is one of our social media gals who still enjoys getting snail mail and finds origami and miniature art fascinating. Inspired by equal parts wonder and wanderlust, she’s always curious about what makes other people tick and where to find the best sushi and coffee.

Luke Richards


The Dalai Lama of the office minus the leather sandals – and scampers up the stairs rather than shuffles. Sets high standards and drives a white ute (doesn’t like too many passengers). Gets the job done. Sweet.

Vanessa Dingle


With over 20 years in marketing, Vanessa has recently been enticing audiences producing online video content. Known for taking the road less travelled she enjoys developing content strategy tailored for channels to deliver metrics that matter. Vanessa loves double espressos and all things S.A. She also claims to have a green belt in karate! POW!

Alex Traeger


Enthusiastic about team bonding, Alex is a firm believer in wellness and mindfulness. She brings positive vibes to the workplace daily and loves a good singalong in the office, even when it’s just her involved… You’ll hear Alex before you see her. When she’s not organising the office for their next bonding activity, you’ll find her spending way too much money on smashed avo and almond milk flat whites at brunch.

Hayley Taylor


Always down to lend a helping hand, cook up a feast or go on an adventure that she’s slightly too unfit for. She once jumped out of a (slowly) moving car to stop George Costanza for a photo and is almost always looking for a good time to bring up the story.

Marley Tanner


Marley is our resident social media addict who wears her heart on her sleeve (literally – it’s tattooed there). When she’s not agonizing over the perfect Instagram filter you can find her buried in the pages of a good book or dancing herself clean at a gig.

Cindy Ridgwell


With extensive experience in the magazine publishing industry, there’s no wonder Cindy is a bit partial to layout design. But there’s more to her than just columns and images. A craft beer snob and a triathlete, she’s happy to talk about anything from IPA’s to transitions. Also a keen traveller, Cindy makes sure she always has a new experience on the horizon.

Jahan Emery


Jahan is known for having the longest hair in the office. In his spare time you’ll find him playing State League volleyball, fuelling his athletic physique with session ales at the Exeter and telling anyone he meets why Green Day is the greatest band on Earth. This Law and Journalism graduate also has an unofficial sub-major in meme creation and credits these achievements to consuming four coffees a day.

Michaela Fargher


A green thumb with an ever-growing bonsai collection, she’s trekked the Himalayas and Myanmar, Poland. She has extensive experience in design, advertising and digital media. At home, you’ll find her exploring the Flinders Ranges, hiking Kiutpo Forest at night (and not even getting scared) or enjoying an iced latte or gin and tonic.

Eliza Oatway


Always seen with a smile on her face, Eliza is one of our social media chicks who’s often up for a chat and a few laughs. A lover of all things sporty but also anything girly, you can find Eliza spending way too much money on active wear and online shopping.

Kris Dingey


Kris is the office nerd and one of Adelaide’s most hated lycra wearing road users. When he’s not tinkering with websites you’ll probably find him at a popular craft beer venue sampling their wares.

Mikyla Gilbert


Known to many as the Ideas Chick, she’s an infectious communicator, columnist, slave to social media and a little bit naughty! She’ll show you her Hills if you show her yours. She’d cheerfully be paid in Chardonnay!