So, You Want To Publish A Magazine?

Have you ever thought that there’s got to be better, more efficient way to engage with your customers than traditional advertising methods? Why not create your own magazine? Here’s how.

If you’ve got a large customer base that you want to target directly, a custom magazine can be a great way to keep them informed about your latest news, trends, price changes, offers, promotions, helpful articles, galleries and so much more.

Having your very own magazine means you can control the messages your deliver throughout the entire product, reinforcing your brand and adding value for your existing and potential customers.

It can be in print or online (or both), distributed via email, in store or via the post. And the best thing is, with custom publishing, you don’t have to know anything about putting a magazine together – a team of experts will do it for you.

Who could use a Magazine?

An online providore. You have a website that your customers infrequently visit and buy from only after an email prompt. As an e-commerce site, there’s not much chance your customers will spend time focusing on much else. However, if you produce a custom magazine, it opens an avenue to tell your customers about new products, the people or companies behind them, celebrity endorsement (if any), featured recipes, and region profiles. There might also be media articles and stories, special offers for readers, upcoming events, staff profiles, equipment/utensil news, and reviews, plus so much more. You’re only limited by your imagination.

A new retail fashion franchise. You have a range of stores and a focus on urban streetwear. Your audience is young females, and your website is more brand-centric than e-commerce based, with no opportunity to buy online. Making available a free quarterly magazine provides you with an opportunity to showcase your current seasonal range and profile the designers. You can also talk about current fashion trends, articles on mixing and matching styles and accessorising, news, views, and shoes. Then there could be complementary topics like music, movies, celebrities, and other subjects related to your customer’s demographic. If it’s a quality publication, relevant and appealing, you’ll find people who read it will recommend it to others.

Can’t I just put that on my website?

Sure – if that’s the best solution for your business, go for it. Ask yourself how much time visitors are spending on your website, and where they’re spending that time, to see if your content is getting the attention it deserves. With a magazine, especially a free one, there’s a chance to take a deep breath and enjoy it with a coffee or glass of wine and become more engaged. It’s also a fantastic medium for brand reinforcement.

Custom Publishing

At Newstyle Media, we’re not only magazine (print and online) specialists, we custom produce magazines for South Australian businesses covering everything from food retailing, kitchens and luxury homes to fashion, wine marketing and regional tourism. We also produce personal publications, yearbooks, annuals, school magazines, books, ebooks and more. 

Let us help start your custom publishing journey. Our experts will guide you through the whole process, from concept to distribution, and you can be as involved as you want.

We also offer traditional, social and digital marketing, sales, distribution, and storage. Or we can fill in the gaps where needed… it’s up to you.