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Quick Social Media Tips: You’re So Vain

In-between episodes of Inside Marketing Series, we’ve got a little social media marketing tips treat for you.

Here’s an idea: stop being so fricking vain!

Stop worrying about vanity metrics. Who cares how many followers you have on Twitter? Who cares how many Facebook fans you have?

Quick Social Media Tips: You're So Vain

You know who cares how many followers you have in Twitter? Nobody. It’s a nice little fluffer, for sure, but it’s not the most important number you should be looking at.

If every time you post or post something on Facebook or Twitter people love you – they will come to your website. It’s all about the beauty of click-throughs and not about the numbers. So wake up all you CEOs and marketing managers and board people. Stop being so vain.

If nothing else, at least to stop the karaoke session. Seriously though, enough with the vanity metrics. The number that matters is your click through, not your follower count.

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