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Quick Social Media Tips: Get Touchy-Feely

We’ve got a short, sharp and (sometimes) sweet quick social media tip for you with our social media guru – Ideas Chick Mikyla Gilbert. It’s less than a minute but packed with PDA – pretty damn awesome – content.

 “Here’s an idea: I want you to get touchy-feely.”

I want you to get all touchy and feely but not in a creepy way. Think good touch, not bad touch. I want you to think of positive brand touches. I heard recently that it takes 16 brand touches on social media for someone to even acknowledge you. That’s 16 wonderful posts that people actually see in their newsfeed. That could take ages! Make sure you’re out there, touching and connecting people with your brand.
Newstyle Media Social Media TipsBrand awareness is the first stage of attracting your potential customer or client. Make sure those are positive experiences and engagements, and you’re already halfway there. But remember that the brand awareness stage is no quick fix – it’s about creating a creative strategy that feeds people nourishing content. Make sure it’s all killer, no filler.

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As a content marketing agency, we work with you to empower your business and help you build an audience of ideal customers. Driving results in business today requires best-practice digital and social media marketing. In fact, digital marketing is critical to business success. However, navigating the complex world of digital, and inbound content marketing, doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

With a little help and guidance from people who live and breathe print and simply ‘get digital’ we can create flexible advertising, marketing and digital marketing plans that are right for your business. We create compelling content including but not limited to graphic design, copywriting, photography, video production, social media assets and marketing collateral.

Content marketing is Newstyle Media’s strategic marketing approach and what we are good at. Focusing on creating, and importantly distributing, valuable, relevant content to attract, capture and retain a clearly-defined audience that ultimately drives audience actions is our thing!

Email me here and we can arrange to have a chat over a coffee.

Cheers, Mikyla Gilbert

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