Quick Social Media Tips: Cull the Congrats

In-between episodes of Inside Marketing Series, we’ve got a little social media marketing tips treat for you.

Here’s an idea: stop bloody congratulating people on LinkedIn!

If you think a basic automated “congratulations” is winning you any favours then we’ve got some bad news for you.

Newstyle Media Marketing

Nobody cares. Stop saying congrats with the auto text! Take a moment of your time and show someone that you actually are interested in their life or your connection on LinkedIn. If someone has a new career opportunity, a promotion or a business anniversary it deserves more than a cursory nod.

You wouldn’t just line up at a networking function and go along in a line shaking people’s hands saying “congratulations” and then walking away. That would be ridiculous and meaningless. You’d ask them questions, ask what it means to them and ask how the news will help connect you on a business level.

So stop with the impersonal “congrats” on LinkedIn. As the famous ginger from Queensland said; “I don’t like it!”

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