Make Customers Your Friends And Sell More!

I was listening to a great podcast* whilst driving home from work that discussed copywriting tips to persuade, promote and profit in your business.

*Note: The Podcast was Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, and it was episode #60.

The interview was with copywriter extraordinaire Ray Edwardsand it was packed full of many wonderful tips about how to treat customers and sell more.

**Note: Seriously, check out Ray’s website for loads of awesome free resources! This guy charges up to $100k to write sales content for some big brand companies in the US. So he knows his stuff. I like his laid-back style too.

The key takeaway message that I found most interesting in this podcast was how to write content for our customers (and potential customers) either through Facebook, other social media or even by letter – and most importantly by email.

Ray asked the listeners to think about how we send group emails to our customer database.

  • Do we send sales type, heavily graphic designed, very corporate looking emails?
  • Do we send a coupon or offer related content?
  • Do we use CAP LETTERS or capitalised words in our subject line?
  • Do we start with hello everybody?

Where’s the social connection in any of that?

He’s right!

Ray says maybe if we treated our customers (and potential customers) like individuals, and like our friends, people might connect with us and want to know more about how we might be able to help them with our products or service.

Right on Ray! I hear ya! So next time you write an email maybe you could consider:

  • Keeping the email clean of gimmicky sales design and hard corporate imagery.
  • Do not send a coupon or offer.
  • Use a subject line like “check out what we’ve discovered for you“, “you won’t believe what we’ve found” or “this is amazing, you’ll love it”.
  • Change the start to something like, “hello, we’ve been thinking about you lately and wanted to share with you some of the amazing things we’ve learnt about X”

Simple, yet effective.

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