Magazine Publishing

Magazine Publishing

People love magazines. People will seek them out, subscribe to them, collect them, even borrow and steal them.

They read them from cover to cover, with the reader trusting the information, advice and opinions of the writers and, consequently, the quality of the products and businesses that appear inside.

Magazines engage readers in very personal ways.

People read them to relax, be informed, and to stay on trend – magazines are often picked up and taken to the dark corner of a favourite coffee shop to be sniffed, poured over and dog–eared for later.

It gets so intimate between a magazine and a reader that they are taken to bed, into the bath, and snuggled on the couch.

It’s not surprising that readers then yearn for the next edition to carry out the same beautiful ritual, all over again.

At Newstyle Media we are devoted to fulfilling the desire of our readers by spreading the love.

We do this by creating compelling content that causes connections and conversations.

You’ve probably read one of our award-winning magazine titles published here in South Australia. And if you haven’t, that’s okay, as we’ve put our lifestyle and business content online right here on our website.

This means you can seek and devour information about your passions, when and how you would like to consume it.

If you’d like to create and publish your own magazine, we can help. Click here for more information.