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Inside Marketing Series // Richard Miller – Crisp Advertising

Welcome to episode nine, series two of Inside Marketing. Join Newstyle Media’s Ideas Chick Mikyla Gilbert as she interviews some of South Australia’s most successful and entrepreneurial marketers and business owners. We discover what works – and what doesn’t, in marketing and business from some of our state’s best business minds.

We set up shop in Adelaide bars and clubs, to take a quiet moment (and often a cheeky drink) to reflect on what our guests have learnt. Each episode we get into the nitty-gritty of the reality of modern business in South Australia and ask the questions you’ve been desperate to hear. Think of this as your one on one networking or mentoring session.

In our ninth episode, we are joined by Richard Miller, co-founder and creative director of Crisp Advertising. A full-service advertising agency based in Adelaide, Crisp operates in the retail and hospitality industries. Many South Australians will be familiar with the brands that Crisp represents including Wok in the Box, Noodle Box and Essential Beauty. Pushing buttons and using creative as a driving force behind retail marketing is what Crisp are all about – a different direction and trajectory than most retail advertising agencies.

“Many agencies tend to put discount ahead of creative,” says Richard – yet this is not without its drawbacks.

“If you go to market with a shit hot offer, you will get people through the door.”

Sounds good right? But dig deeper, look at that margin. Are you actually winning?

“You’ve bastardised your product and brand and compromised your gross profit and you’ve not got consistent sales,” says Richard, “so it’s a tempting temporary measure.”

Creative without strategy is art, creative with strategy is advertising, is a favourite saying at Crisp. Identifying your unique selling proposition is vital, alongside targeting demographics and market research. Don’t just be another contributor to the white noise in retail, get to know your customers, figure out what enticements will work for your business.

The balancing act of juggling brand integrity and a retail offer is key for Crisp. That’s when their motto: creativity that builds brands and sells stuff, comes into play.

Case in point was the Essential Beauty television commercial that ruffled feathers. A clever use of spoonerism delivered the Essential Beauty Hairy Tales – Ducking Filemma TVC. Cue lots of complaints, but also, lots of cut through for the client. Knowing your market, and just how far you can push the button before pulling back is important. Adelaide is still conservative at heart – innuendo is fun until someone gets their knickers in a knot.

In an era of fragmentation of traditional advertising delivery mediums, it’s about leveraging on the unique advantages these changes have wrought. Crisp has been at the forefront of this, using a combination of digital marketing strategy, traditional delivery formats and leading with creative rather than a quick fix solution.

It’s a brave new world for advertising, with traditional mediums and the new digital formats crashing into each other. If you want to make like Crisp and surf that wave, then take some pointers from the video above.

Location Credit: Benjamin on Franklin, Franklin Street.

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