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Inside Marketing // Paul Goodsell – Impression Healthcare

Welcome to episode seven, series two of Inside Marketing. Join Newstyle Media’s Ideas Chick Mikyla Gilbert as she interviews some of South Australia’s most successful and entrepreneurial marketers and business owners. We discover what works – and what doesn’t, in marketing and business from some our state’s best business minds.

We set up shop in Adelaide bars and clubs, to take a quiet moment (and often a cheeky drink) to reflect on what our guests have learnt. Each episode we get into the nitty-gritty of the reality of modern business in South Australia and ask the questions you’ve been desperate to hear. Think of this as your one on one networking or mentoring session! Without the noise and the babble of a networking event, cut down to the information all marketers seek. What our guests impart might just be the tidbit you are searching for. 

In our seventh episode, we are joined by Paul Goodsell, the digital marketing manager at Impression Healthcare.

A (listed) dental technology company with head offices in Adelaide, and a laboratory and production office based in Melbourne, Impression Healthcare is capable of producing upwards of 50,000 dental appliances every year. It’s an Australian company that is competing with the big guns here and overseas.

But it’s the marketing and advertising around their special custom mouthguard brand Gameday, that has us excited.

Utilising a powerful combination of influencer marketing, a solid social media campaign and well thought out and specifically tailored list segmentation has achieved incredible results and seen Gameday rise above the competition.

For Paul, a meticulously planned content marketing strategy has resulted in a significant digital asset portfolio. Leveraging on influencers like footballers Rory Sloane and Gary Ablett Jr has meant Gameday is associated with the same level of trust and credibility.

Whether it’s Sloane’s pet dog posing with a Gameday mouthguard on Instagram or Ablett donning a mouthguard in a video it’s a smart tactic. It’s a long term game rather than a quick fix, but that’s the nature of content marketing – of which Paul is a firm believer. But a word of warning: don’t just use content marketing as a sales tool.

“What a lot of brands are doing is going out there really hard with the sales message and they are not being patient enough,” Paul says.

“Tone it down and actually start to see what the customer’s problems are, what their interests are and present content that is going to get their attention in that way.”

If you want to discover how to successfully merge e-commerce strategy, email marketing, content creation and influencer marketing alongside forms of traditional marketing into a winning formula, then you’ll have to watch.

Game, set and match.

Location Credit: Gilbert Street Hotel, Gilbert Street

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