Inside Marketing Series 2 // Episode 5 Neil Mackenzie

Inside Marketing // Neil Mackenzie – Enventive

Welcome to episode five, series two of Inside Marketing. Join Newstyle Media’s Ideas Chick Mikyla Gilbert as she interviews some of South Australia’s most successful and entrepreneurial marketers and business owners. We discover what works – and what doesn’t in marketing and business from some our state’s best business minds.

We set up shop in Adelaide bars and clubs, to take a quiet moment (and often a cheeky drink) to reflect on what our guests have learnt. Each episode we get into the nitty-gritty of the reality of modern business in South Australia and ask the questions you’ve been desperate to hear. Think of this as your one on one networking or mentoring session! Without the noise and the babble of a networking event, cut down to the core to the information all marketers seek. What our guests impart might just be the tidbit you are searching for.

In our fifth episode, we are joined by Neil Mackenzie, general manager of sports and event management company, Enventive.

A not-for-profit organisation that firmly straddles the crossroads of private, government and public sectors, this positioning inspires a highly strategic and integrated marketing process that your business can learn from.

A tricky market, it can be likened to building a house on shifting sands. Staying afloat and ahead of the competition requires a steely resolve and an open mind approach to learning and adaptability. Additionally, the health and well-being industry is a thriving business, with many competitors. Often it’s a workout and a half to make your mark as a company!

Luckily for Enventive, they are fighting fit, and have a strong cause which they believe in to motivate success. Many South Australians will be very familiar with some of this company’s legacy, as they manage the iconic brand, Life. Be in It.

So how does one manage a well-loved, 30+-year-old brand and bring it up to date? Through clever digital and social media marketing combined with a clearly defined communication strategy. Inspiring and motivating everyday Australians to be more active – a piece of cake right?

We discuss some of Enventive’s biggest success for their clients, and how they establish a process in which the client can leverage their sponsorship. It’s about creating excellent content, that will actually provide value to potential customers. Then, further leveraging on that content, by providing brilliant customer service. It’s not a gimmick, though, it’s about real and genuine engagement. No tricks, all heart.

Community connection, 360-degree communications campaigns, the importance of clear objectives and knowing what success looks like are the conerstones of this interview.

You’ll have to watch to discover for yourself.

Location Credit: Audi Stadium Club, Adelaide Oval

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