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Welcome to the very first episode of the second series of Inside Marketing. Join Newstyle Media’s Ideas Chick Mikyla Gilbert as she interviews some of South Australia’s most successful and entrepreneurial marketers and business owners. We discover what works – and what doesn’t in marketing and business from some our state’s best business minds.

We set up shop in Adelaide’s greatest bars and clubs, to take a quiet moment (and often a cheeky drink) to reflect on what our guests have learnt. Each episode we get into the nitty-gritty of the reality of modern business in South Australia and ask the questions you’ve been desperate to hear. Think of this as your one on one networking or mentoring session! Without the noise and the babble of a networking event, cut down to the core to the information all marketers seek. What our guests impart might just be the tidbit you are searching for!

In this episode, we speak to the self-made businesswoman Miriam Clappis of Fab Tax Accountants. Miriam goes to stop prove that there is no business too great or too small that won’t benefit from a thoroughly conceived marketing plan. We discover what tips and tricks have most benefited her business and delve into the little-known tactics that have received enormous results and cut through.

Often in South Australia, it can seem like businesses are fighting a losing battle when it comes to growth. Yet Fab Tax Accountants has proven that this needs not be the case. Discover some of the vital benefits of work-life balance and the payoffs of keeping your business roots firmly grounded in South Australian soil.

Miriam lets us in on her latest and greatest campaigns and reveals why she believes it is vital to be generous with your expertise – and the significant payoffs to be gained from this.

Whether you are an established business or a fledgeling start-up – this series will have something to offer. More than just platitudes or pearls of wisdom, Inside Marketing offers you access to the processes and behind the scenes action of successful and thriving South Aussie businesses. One of the biggest takeaways in this episode is to look outside your usual marketing box of tricks – don’t limit yourself by playing within your own industries bounds. Break and borrow the rules from different players, take calculated risks that could end up paying out big time.

Most of all, appreciate our wonderful state for what it it – a microcosm of opportunity. Encompassing community, value adds, proactive engagement and of course, that all import digital and inbound methodology, this episode is jam-packed with useful gems. Miriam Clappiss discusses the realities and the pitfalls of starting your own business, what to avoid and what to actively seek out. The bad news? There are no short cuts. Don’t be discouraged though, for this is a tale of adaptability, risk, courage and effort that ends in the highest kind of reward – business growth!

If you want results driven growth without the expenditure, then this is an episode not to be missed. From kitchen table single digit customer base to over 5000 clients and a national office base in as little as 5.5 years, this is an exceptional growth story.

Get fired up and inspired by the impressive brain behind Fab Tax Accountants, Miriam Clappis as she kicks off the new series of Newstyle Media’s Inside Marketing. Prepare to be inspired!

Location Credit: Baddog Bar.


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