Inside Marketing // Matt Redin – Angove Wines

Newstyle Media have interviewed some of Adelaide’s most successful marketers and South Australian business leaders about their top tips and tricks. We’ve even got them to share some of their best marketing secrets.

The changing face of the modern business environment poses difficulties for many operators. This series may be able to equip you with the knowledge you desire to get ahead in your South Australian business.

We travel to some of our local Adelaide hot spots to chat all things marketing. Their answers – and the lessons you can learn from them – might surprise you.

In our second installment of the Inside Marketing Video Series, join us at The Ballroom in Norwood, as we discuss the trials and tribulations of selling to the millennial demographic with Matt Redin, marketing manager of Angove Wines.

We discuss the merits of constantly evolving your business and debate whether POS is dead. In this episode, Matt talks about the unique challenges of selling in the South Australian market.

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