Inside Marketing // Kerry Sanders – SparkBDM

Newstyle Media have interviewed some of Adelaide’s most successful marketers and South Australian business leaders about their top tips and tricks. We’ve even got them to share some of their best marketing secrets.

In this episode, Mikyla Gilbert of Newstyle Media interviews Kerry Sanders, owner of Spark Business Development and Marketing.

We delve into the business of branding and why it is so important to constantly and consisitently engage with your consumer. This means creating relevant content and always maintaining your edge – find out how Kerry manages to stay on top in a competitive market. Kerry also discusses the challenge of the digital marketing sphere and why business should consider outsourcing.

This is an episode not to be missed, providing keen insights into branding, website relevance and the industry of digital marketing.

So tune in and learn all the amazing tips and tricks our special guest has to offer.

Location Credit: Ballroom Norwood

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