Inside Marketing // Fiona Krawczyk – Haigh’s Chocolates

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Inside Marketing Series, brought to you by Newstyle Media. In this episode, we interview Fiona Krawczyk, the dark-chocolate-frog loving marketing manager of Haigh’s Chocolates.

In this one-on-one interview, we discover the inner working of a generations-old family run South Australian business. Haigh’s Chocolates are famous Australia wide and Fiona discusses the surprising innovations and evolutions involved in marketing this beloved chocolate brand. From video to free chocolate tasting, discover the ins and outs of this iconic Adelaide company.

The art of successful marketing is just as intricate as chocolate artistry. A layered and multi-faceted approach has seen Haigh’s stand the testament of time – over 100 years to be precise.

If you desire to get more from your marketing, then this series is for you. In the cosy confines of Adelaide hotspots, we dig deeper to get to the heart of what makes brilliant marketing – by asking the right questions of the right people. What are their greatest challenges? Where do they find inspiration? Their answers – and the lessons you can learn from this series – might just surprise you.

Learn how the Haigh’s team have leveraged on their heritage while looking firmly forward to the future. It’s a delicious episode, one not to be missed!
Location Credit: Propaganda Club.

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