Inside Marketing // Craig Egan – Adelaide Comedy

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Inside Marketing Series, brought to you by Newstyle Media. In this episode, we interview Craig Egan, the funny man behind the iconic sixteen-year-old institution, Adelaide Comedy.

In this one on one interview, Mikyla Gilbert dissects just what it takes to create such a successful and long-lived venture in South Australia’s arts scene. Craig discusses the history of the brand and how it has evolved from its earliest beginnings to the position it is in today.

Adelaide Comedy is a major employer and entertainer of South Aussies and is fast becoming an iconic Adelaide institution. From hand written email lists to targeted automated marketing – Craig reveals his top tricks and marketing hacks that have yielded the best results to date.

As Adelaide Comedy approaches its sixteenth birthday, with a celebrity comic jam packed show to match, we will delve into what techniques are best suited in a South Australian business environment.

A great supporter of South Australian performers and audiences alike, Craig reveals his greatest marketing successes – and how he achieved them.

So tune in if you want to discover tips and tricks that may help your business to replicate the success our guests have experienced.

Location Credit: Propaganda Club

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