Inside Marketing // Chris Villani – Foodland Supermarkets

Newstyle Media have interviewed some of Adelaide’s most successful marketers and South Australian business leaders about their top tips and tricks. We’ve even got them to share some of their best marketing secrets.

Join us in our seventh episode of the Inside Marketing Series. In this instalment, we meet Chris Villani, marketing manager of Foodland Supermarkets.

An iconic South Australian brand, with the tagline and jingle that sticks in the memory like no other “Foodland, the Mighty South Aussies”. Learn what it’s like to be the marketing manager of such a large, well-known South Australian supermarket chain.

Scaling the heights of both traditional and new marketing techniques, we learn how the modern supermarket consumer is changing trends and practices on a statewide scale.

Chris talks us through some of Foodland’s recent marketing campaigns and the success that hinged on playing to the local South Australian strengths. We discuss how sponsorship and supporting fellow local companies have helped to foster a collaborative approach to business and marketing.

Whether you are a small start-up or a well-established business , this series has something for everyone.

In the cosy confines of Adelaide hotspots, we dig deeper to get to the heart of what makes brilliant marketing – by asking the right questions.

What did they wish they’d known when they were starting out? What are their greatest challenges? Their answers – and the lessons you can learn from this series – might just surprise you.

Location Credit: Rhino Room.

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