How To Overcome Business Block And Get Ideas Flowing

This has happened to us all at some point in our life. Whether it be your studies, “outside of work” work, cooking, and sometimes (rarely) decorating your house.

It’s the dreaded lull of having no creative flow going.

Everything in your mind just stops.

No ideas. No creative flow. Simply nothing.

It may feel like there’s a tumbleweed doing circles around your brain, but this is something that we’ve all dealt with.

“But I’m a creative person! How can this happen to me?”

When you’ve exacerbated every creative concept to the point where it’s not even safe, that means you really need to sit down and rethink.

Please detach those bottle rockets from your dog, take the alfoil pyramid out of the microwave, and stop dreaming of walking over hot coals, we highly advise you that those are not good ideas!

Here are some of our top tips for getting the creative juices going.

Go for a walk/run/gym

When we lock ourselves away for a few days to study or write, we find that the work becomes less interesting and more so a chore.

Giving yourself a break is sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves.

An example would be that when dealing with writer’s block and just haven’t been able to punch out any more ideas that could work for a project.

Instead of dwelling on social media and going through as many click-bait links as possible, we should decide to open the front door and go outside.

When you return to your desk/office/home you should feel refreshed and ready to work.

Grab a book, a cup of tea, and settle down

Reading is a great way to just chill, and take a great big leap away from the computer.

Get your hands active and start colouring!

The latest in relaxation and winding down is through adult colouring books.

It may seem a little weird at first, but the concept behind it is pretty darn fantastic.

Grab your pencils (or pens, textas or heck even crayons) and start to colour away!

Once you’ve returned to writing, you should find that you’re a lot more relaxed and not so stressed out about deadlines or the only tiny amount of work you’ve written. 

Never sit around and wait for inspiration

The thing with inspiration is that it sometimes just doesn’t happen like it should. Even just getting out of your chair may bring a spot of ideas.

It may be hard, but these incredibly simple tasks are sometimes all it takes to get things started.

Yes, it does involve a little effort and no, you don’t need to spend money (unless shopping is an inspiration and a way of getting things done).