How to Create Amazing Social Media Posts If You Think Your Business Is Boring

Hello, are you feeling hot and bothered about making your social media content great?

By now every smart business owner, or marketer, knows that social media is the key tool to reach potential clients, source new leads and delight existing clients.

And for engagement on our social media channels, you should have worked out by now, that being successful comes down to entertainment, engagement and driving traffic to your business website.

Okay if you didn’t know this, then that’s cool – now you do!

Almost every day at Newstyle Media we hear from businesses who are really struggling to come up with anything to post on social media for their business. A business which they refer to as ‘not sexy – boring!’

(Great name for a band, or why not even a great social media marketing campaign?)

They didn’t know how to make what they sell ‘even vaguely interesting’ to their audience on social media.

What? Just use your imagination…

On a sticky hot day, we brainstormed a few ideas for a previously perceived boring air-conditioning repair business.

As marketers we can often get put in charge of turning beige into a sparkly rainbow. Here we go…

How To Create Amazing Social Media Posts If You Think Your Business Is Boring

Humour will win every time!

An idea would be to search for and share REPAIR FAILS!

The crazier the better. I have seen some great images of people hanging out of 20-storey windows trying to duct-tape an air conditioner in place.

Cute will bring always make people smile. I am sure you could find stacks of images (or even set some up or make up stories) of very adorable small children, cats or dogs cooling off under the beautiful cool air created by a fully-functioning air conditioner. NEVER underestimate the cute factor.

Sexy will always get a look in too. Now don’t over do this – keep it clean, but shareable!

How To Create Amazing Social Media Posts If You Think Your Business Is Boring

Show images of what a home/family/business can look like when the air conditioner is not work and it’s 40 degrees outside (probably 44 degrees inside)!

Answer the FAQs. Sit down (pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay) and write down all the questions you get asked from clients and potential customers.

How To Create Amazing Social Media Posts If You Think Your Business Is Boring

How much? When do I know my air conditioner isn’t performing correctly? How long will the repairs take? You’ll probably find that there are plenty – then use those questions as the base for a social media post or blog or your website.

When you find that something resonates with your audience – spread it far and wide. Schedule the Facebook post again 3 times over the next week at different times of the day. Tweet the same image up to 10 times a day using different hash tags. Get it out on Google +, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.

Then in a couple of weeks REPEAT! Then in a few months REPEAT! Remember great content never dies!

If you’ve got some ideas too, we’d love to hear them and add them to this post comment below.

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