How One Incredible Book Will Help You Sell More Wine

This Little Pinot Went to Market

I first met Professor Larry Lockshin 15 years ago. I had just been appointed editor of the Wine Industry Journal and Larry was writing a column for it. I went to his office at the University of South Australia on North Terrace in Adelaide to introduce myself.

I was nervous. I had never met a professor before.

Would he look down on this country hack? Would I even understand what a man with such a high IQ was saying? Would he work out instantly that I was a mere non-professor?

Actually, Larry turned out to be a friendly man who knew his stuff, but also how to have a laugh despite a list of qualifications as long as the palate on the 2010 Grange.

When we started planning content for the inaugural edition of WBM – Australia’s Wine Business Magazine, in February 2005, Larry was the first person I approached to contribute.

He is the doyen of wine marketing, and he has a gift for explaining tricky marketing ideas in simple terms and plain language. An editor’s dream.

Two years ago Larry approached WBM about jointly publishing a wine marketing book.

Before long we met for a photo shoot in Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Larry holding a glass of cranberry juice (dry zone) while sitting on a bronze pig.

Professor Larry Lockshin

This Little Pinot Went to MarketA Guide to Wine Marketing is an important book for the Australian wine industry, and it will help marketers and business businesses sell more wine.

The timing is perfect.

Various wine industry organisations have been lobbying the Federal Government to change the criteria for WET Tax Rebate eligibility – while angling for $25 million in funding for the wine industry to spend on marketing.

The industry desperately needs these millions to compete globally. That debate rages on. It underlines how critical wine marketing has become in this business.

In terms of wine quality, Australia can match it with any wine country in the world. We also have the technical side of things covered, with the Australian Wine Research Institute recognised as a genuine world leader.

However, where the industry can improve – and must improve – is in wine marketing. That was the whole reason for WBM coming into being.

In the boom times Australia didn’t have to try too hard to sell wine. The hardest part was trying to meet demand while figuring out how to fit yet another midweek golf game in your diary.

How things have changed! Savvy, educated, global-thinking marketers are crucial to the success of any wine business.

I guarantee this book will teach you most things you need to know about wine marketing.

Happily, it covers sales, an underrated discipline in wine.

The book will lift the profile of your brand. It will increase sales and improve your bottom line. This Little Pinot Went to Market is based on classic marketing principles, so you will be able to refer to it again and again – until the pigs come home.

I no longer get sweaty palms when Larry Lockshin rocks up to our office – invariably on his trusty old bike.

I see him more as a friend than a professor.

I also see him as a marketing genius who is improving the fortunes of Australian wine one book at a time.

Watch this video as Larry explain what you’ll find inside his book.



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