How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

Earlier in the year when my family went on our annual snow trip to Mount Buller I noticed how social media now shapes the way us humans holiday and where we end up spending our hard earned cash.

This year Instagram became my best friend when it came to discovering new things around the mountain resort.

Keep in mind that my family has been skiing at Mount Buller for over 30 years. So you’d think by now, that if there was anything new, exciting or interesting to discover that we should already know about it.


By following and checking in on the #MtBuller hashtag on Instagram a few times a day, I found so many cool things and was reminded of places to revisit.

The result? I spent more money and had a greater visitor experience.

And isn’t that what every tourism business strives for?

Therefore, I now truly believe, from personal experience, that the most perfectly timed Instagram posts, using the correct and most popular hashtags, will provide a great return on investment.

Especially if you are a business in the hospitality and tourism sectors. So get on it!

First let me show you what sort of Instagram posts get my attention and converted me to a customer and what the return on investment those businesses who used social media gained just from us… just one customer.

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

How Businesses Can Use Instagram To Make More Money

Total = $907

Instagram marketing = PRICELESS!

So if you’re a business that you think could do what these businesses above did that got my attention, what’s the takeaway from my snow holiday experience?

  1. Get an Instagram account
  2. Download Instagram app to your smartphone
  3. Take photos whenever and wherever you can
  4. Find out what your local area’s most popular hashtag is (you can do this by checking out Iconosquare and typing in town or area name in the search and looking at which # hashtags have had the most images shared)
  5. Share at least one to 5 photos per day
  6. Use hashtags that relate to your business or area (for example many of the above used #MtBuller  #Snow #Victoria and #MountBuller )
  7. Think about what would be the best time to post and get people’s attention (for example posting where to get coffee at 7.30am at 7am, posting about 4pm happy hour at 3pm)

I reckon the best way to succeed with this type of strategy is to think like a tourist! What are you looking for or thinking about at what times of the day? Here’s some useful hashtags to use in South Australia:

#Adelaide #SouthAustralia #SAFood #SAWine #AdelaideHills #AdelHills #Barossa #RundleMall
#PortAdelaide #Glenelg #VictorHarbor #ClareValley #MCVale

What other hashtags do you use? Let us know below.

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