Attention South Australian magazine lovers, our brand new quarterly lifestyle magazine, Fritz. The 160-page magazine has gone where no South Australian publisher has gone before – with a massive print run of 100,000 copies.

That’s right, celebrate with bung because our new website is now live and we’re not just a silly sausage because 100,000 free copies of Fritz magazine are now available at 30 Foodland stores and selected outlets.

That’s a lot of magazines. If they all walked across the $40m footbridge in single file like Adelaide Strikers fans will have to, it would take them longer than it’s taking Wang Wang and Funi to be seen in public with a pram.

We’ll bung Fritz out four times a year – one for every hubcap missing on Nick Xenophon’s 2006 Toyota Yaris.

South Australians love the ‘giant’ cuttlefish, pandas and Giant Twins, but actually they’re not that big. Like ScottyFritz is a genuine giant at 160 pages. We cover everythink from Penfolds Grange, Hahndorf bum-burners, sticky date pudding and sophisticated wine bars – and are youse right for drinks?

Fritz has skin in the current affairs game. Jarman Impey is a hero for Port and also for allegedly denting more things than the hailstorm, keeping panel beaters in jobs in a state crying out for them. Jump back on the horse like Gillian Rolton.

We want Fritz to become a local institution like not letting cars into traffic, especially AFL umpires, Volvo drivers, ATO workers and Yatala escapees in that order.

Wave the bung with pride because South Australia will never be the same again. Forget the sausage roll, give it to Tex and he’ll boot a bung fritz from outside 50.

Pull back the skin on Fritz like the rubber grip on Bradman’s bat and let us know what you think.

Want to advertise?

Hurry! Let us know where we can show you a copy. Have bung, will travel.

Fritz is a new voice in the local media landscape. Why Fritz? Because nothing is more South Australian than fritz. And like the humble local sausage, we’re confident Fritz magazine will soon become a much-loved South Australian institution.

The magazine will be supported by a website known as, regular SmileyFritz newsletters and a strong social media presence.

SmileyFritz, your weekly email newsletter from Fritz magazine will squirt quirky bite-sized articles your way every Wednesday. Sign up now and you could win $500! Click here.

So keep an eye out for it in your inbox, yeah?

Like Eddie Betts, we’ll nail news and current affairs from seemingly impossible angles.

We’ll reveal the real reasons why you can’t buy Bertie Beetles outside showgrounds. And where to get the best hangover cure without bumping into the cool kids. And what the locals are up to at the late-night servo (or whatever).

Relax Matt & Dave, burst water mains and sheep grazier alerts are still yours.

South Australians only love one thing more than the Mall’s Balls – and that’s free stuff.

Newstyle Media and Newstyle Print are independent and family owned. We think paywalls should go the way of reversible roads that let commuters go north in the morning and south in the evening.

Butchers who give kids a free slice of fritz inspired us to make Fritz magazine free. We’ll also throw in the website and your SmileyFritz email newsletter for nothing.

No sawdust on the floor, sorry.

Why Fritz? Because nothing is more South Australian than fritz. And like the humble local sausage, we’re confident Fritz magazine will soon become a much-loved South Australian institution.

Fritz will feature all that is good about South Australia – including food, wine, events, sport and lifestyle – and will be distributed free via self-selection through our partnership with Foodland.

Newstyle Media is known for our beautiful magazines, and this new publication will take it to a whole new level. We don’t believe anyone has ever printed 100,000 copies of a high quality quarterly magazine in South Australia before – that’s 400,000 magazines distributed per year – guaranteeing extraordinary coverage for your brand.

We are an industry leader in publishing, as well as digital and social media marketing, and are a proudly independent, family owned South Australian business.

Fritz is a new voice in the local media landscape, telling South Australian stories with heart, intelligence and humour to become an essential read for locals and visitors alike.

Fritz is a considered response to feedback from our partners, advertisers and readers regarding the best way to continue telling great South Australian stories to the largest audience possible, while making the best use of our talented team and resources.

As part of the release of the new magazine, our existing titles Barossa Living, Adelaide Hills Magazine and nest. saw their last editions in 2016. 

Our existing publications have long been an integral part of South Australia’s media landscape, with a proud history of telling great stories, and we deeply appreciate our advertiser and reader support and love sharing Fritz with you all.

Want To Find Out More?

Advertising in Fritz is limited, if you’d like to speak to us to ensure your spot, please get in touch with Chas Barter on 8221 6355 or send him an email,