Free 35 Point Business Social Media Checklist

Use our handy checklist to give your social media marketing a health check. Take a few minutes to run through this 35 point guide to find out how well your business is poisitioned with social media marketing.

  1. You know your top three business goals.
  2. You have defined and described your ideal customer.
  3. You know what challenges your ideal customers are struggling with.
  4. You know what information your ideal customers are searching for online before deciding to purchase your products or services.
  5. You have a list of the frequently asked questions about your products, services or industry.
  6. If you are currently blogging, you have a content marketing strategy.
  7. You optimise your blog posts and web content for SEO to rank organically on Google.
  8. You have social sharing buttons on your blog and encourage other people to share your content.
  9. Your social media posts drive ideal customer traffic to your website.
  10. You know the difference between the most popular social media platforms and who the predominate users are.
  11. You are focused on building your customer email database.
  12. You have thought about or implemented a plan on how social media can help build your email list.
  13. You have a very clear understanding of why you are currently using a particular social media platform for business marketing.
  14. You understand where, when and why #hashtags are important.
  15. You are using social media for customer service.
  16. Your entire team and employee group know what social media channels your businesses uses and why.
  17. Your employees are encouraged to engage with your business online.
  18. Your business has a social media policy.
  19. You know what to do if one of your customers attacks you or your business on social media.
  20. You talk mostly about your business on social media or educate your ideal customers.
  21. Your business’ social media delivers real value to your customers.
  22. You are paying for advertising on social media, eg, Facebook and Instagram ads.
  23. You re-market to people who visit your website through Facebook.
  24. You load your customer email list into Facebook and re-market to them via Facebook and Instagram.
  25. Your company has a page on LinkedIn.
  26. You are using images, video, visual content or infographics for all or your social media posting.
  27. You know what tools you can use to create simple and eye-catching design visuals for social media in minutes.
  28. You share other people’s content.
  29. You regularly visit and commented on an industry page, or better yet a customer’s page or profile on social media.
  30. Parts of your social media marketing are automated.
  31. You have allocated a budget to social media marketing.
  32. Your business contact information is consistent across the web and social media channels.
  33. You have established a business ‘voice’ and ‘tone’ for use online.
  34. You measure your social media.
  35. You have a clear understanding of what success on social media for your business looks like.

Ticked most of these point?

Congratulations – carry on if you’ve got through the list without breaking a sweat.

But if your is head spinning, maybe the team at Newstyle Media can help.

In Need Of Some Help?

  • Struggling to pinpoint exactly where to focus your social media marketing?
  • Is your marketing budget tighter?
  • Do you feel the pressure to spin straw into gold?
  • Have you been churning out social media posts across various channels for a while now, but still aren’t seeing a return on your time investment?