Does your business speak to people on Facebook?

Does Your Business Speak to People on Facebook?

We recommend you spend at least a quarter of your time on Facebook AS your business, and join in the conversation, on other pages.

So maybe you’ve spent 2 hours on Facebook today. You’ve scrolled the newsfeed, liked a bunch of stuff, shared some useful articles with staff members, tagged your mates in several hilarious posts, monitored and updated your business page/s.

But have you spoken to people on Facebook AS a business? AS is the key.

When was the last time you gave your business a voice on other business pages?

Have you ever?

Okay so how do you do this?

It’s simple really, but before you do make sure you know what your business sounds like.

What is your business tone or voice if you will?

Do you say Hi, hello or good morning?

Do you say Thank You, Ta or Thanks?

Would you use a smiley face or a kiss emoji?

It doesn’t really matter just as long as you are consistent. If you want to learn more about how to find your business voice? Here’s a link to Content Marketing Institute that shares 12 essential steps to create a consistent brand voice.

Now you’re ready.

  1. Go to the top fight hand corner of your Facebook page and click on the down arrow.
  2. Scroll down and select the page that you would like to be right now on Facebook (instead of yourself).
  3. Type in the page you would like to visit. (For example if I was a winery in the Barossa I might like to go and visit the tourism page for South Australia or an Australian Wine Business page.
  4. Then you can LIKE, SHARE and most importantly COMMENT on that page’s posts AS your business.

This is a great way to get your business brand seen, and heard, by the people you want to say things to (and more importantly sell stuff to – after all you’re a business).

Fans of the page you are visiting can see your business page icon, they can see your business name (and click-through to your page if they want to) and they can see that you, as a brand, are into the same things are they are.

You might also be able to help future customers with assisting answering questions or alleviate concerns they may have about a particular issue.

With Facebook constantly changing its newsfeed algorithm and ongoing struggling organic reach, this is a cool way to communicate and spread the word about your business on Facebook.

You might pick up some amazing new followers too.

BUT . . . be careful.

Do not go onto other people’s business pages or groups and try and sell things, or talk about yourself.

Remember you are there AS your business AS a visitor to join in the conversation.

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