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Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of visual media and publishing content, via social media and email, in order to acquire and retain customers.

Yep, we’re a full-blown content marketing agency!

In-house –  one team, one report and one invoice.

When clients work with us on their content marketing, social media management, and SEO strategy, we immerse ourselves in their brand and business to tell their stories. We use remarkable content to help your business reach out and speak to your ideal customers where they hang out – online and in real life.

We want to get your ideal customers to know, like and trust you and enjoy the experience of your brand story, informative education information and exclusive offers so much your content so much that they rave about your business to their friends and family.

Content Marketing is all about talking to and serving your ideal customers through compelling content with these five focus areas: Attraction. Retention. Conversation. Measurement… Repeat!

When you work with Newstyle Media, you get an entire team of creative and professional people working on your account. We have graphic designers, editors, copywriters, photographers, journalists, video production specialists, sales professionals, digital and traditional marketers and social media experts to help tell your stories to your customers through great content.

Here’s what an inbound content marketing strategy can do for your business:

  • increase brand awareness
  • generate online sales
  • efficiently pull in unexpected customers
  • engage with media and industry
  • establish brand as an expert educator
  • increase database email sign ups
  • support and assist with on-site activations
  • build valuable relationships with your audiences
  • help make personal and emotional connections
  • enhance your brand image boost customer engagement
  • improve your customer experience
  • help grow a long-term, loyal and ambassador-like audience
  • get people’s attention
  • increase email response rates
  • give you more control over your message
  • increase newsletter sign-ups
  • attract the ideal decision makers
  • build additional value for retailers
  • can be re-purposed and re-imagined without reinventing the wheel
  • improve your social media presence
  • greatly improve your PR strategy
  • let you tell important stories about your brand
  • help you manage your online reputation
  • provide a strong SEO organic
  • source of traffic to website
  • give your business a strong voice
  • feed the hungry social media content machines!
  • automate and streamline marketing processes

The best thing about hiring a content marketing agency is it allows you to focus on running your business looking after your bottom line, not messing around with a halfcocked plan and inconsistent delivery of that strategy you think might work.

Let Newstyle Media get inside your head, empower your business and deliver you more customers to your website, to make that call or walk through your door today.

So how does all this fit with social media?

Social media marketing is no longer just about pretty pictures, it’s serious business with big opportunities for your bottom line.

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. So to make sure your content marketing information reaches your ideal prospects and customers (including the media, influencers and industry leaders), we use various social media channels to distribute and broadcast your content.

Using world’s best practice with social media marketing floats our boat!

We understand that there are times when you have to make the call about outsourcing parts or all of your social media marketing to professionals who know what they are doing.

However, just keeping up with the latest trends is exhausting even for us social-holics. Our digital team has the know-how to get results!

We offer social media training too

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with social media marketing, but we can help you. If you’re struggling to pinpoint exactly where to focus your social media marketing efforts or been churning out social media content across various channels for a while now, but still aren’t sure whether it’s working, we can help.

Find out what to stop doing and where to spend your valuable time and find out about our Social Media Mentoring Packages.

We can help tell your business story with clever copywriting

Many businesses go to great lengths to look good but it can all count for nothing if we neglect the necessity of a good story. If your business copy isn’t professional, it could send the messages that your business is less than professional, too.

A professional business cares about what it says as well as the way it looks.

Our team of professional editors, journalists, and copywriters can help with copy for websites, e-newsletters, social media posts and printed copy. So if you’re worried that your business copy isn’t as good as it could be, let us take a look at it. We’d love to work with you on telling your story, and telling it well.

Ask us today how we can help you tell your story. Phone 08 8221 6355.

How’s your email marketing looking?

Okay, so you’ve been busy for years collecting your customer’s email addresses. You’re not sure why it’s important, but you heard somewhere that your email list is key to success. But now that you have all these email addresses what do you do with them?

If you’re not used to curating and creating great content to present to readers, it can take ages to decided on what should go in a customer newsletter, let alone the hours it takes to write, edit and proof read the content.

Then you have to know what design program to create your template, what email service provider to use, keep the list clean, and then learn how to analyse data. But you can outsource your email marketing to Newstyle Media and jump for joy knowing your customers are being communicated with and think you’re the cat’s pyjamas!

Now, if you don’t have an all important email list, don’t despair, we can help with that too… remember… “The best time to start building your email list was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Ask us today how we can help you build a valuable email list. Phone 08 8221 6355.

Has your business had a digital or social media audit?

Understanding the health of your business’ digital footprint should be paramount to any organisation.

Do you know how your digital assets (website, SEO and social media channels) are performing? Do you know how your business compares online to your competitors? Is your company digital footprint clean and working for you 24/7, or is it stinking up the place, broken and a complete mess?

Sometimes you need to handover the process of understanding the effectiveness of your digital assets to a professional who can identify immediate recommendations on how to improve your online marketing and digital impact.

Sure, there’s the techie-stuff, but really what you need to know is how your website, online profile, social media accounts, Google rankings currently look, and how can you make them all better to help your business make money.

Our tailored digital and social media audits prioritise your business objectives and goals and help close the gap between the tech side and the business side of your business. Take the first steps towards a better business online and send us an email or give us a buzz to have a chat on 08 8221 6355.