Are Corporate Christmas E-Cards Impersonal?

Has your inbox started to get flooded with corporate Christmas cheer?

How many emails have you received where business staff head shots have been cut out and placed on the bodies of singing elves, dancing Santas or ridiculous reindeer?

If you haven’t yet… the sad thing is you will.

But as the recipient, does this make you feel special?

As a significant and valued client, does an e-card make you feel like your business relationship means something?

Or really is it basically the equivalent of someone breaking up with you via text message?

Impersonal as it may seem, businesses over the past few years just can’t help themselves by choosing a mass e-card mail-out to clients over the more traditional printed Christmas card.

We get it. E-cards save money and time.

But do they really?

It’s estimated that sending 100 e-cards can equate to about eight hours of productivity for your recipients.

Think about how much time staff spend watching silly slowly melting snowmen, surfing Santas and farting Father Christmas videos through e-cards. Not to mention the time it takes you, the sender, to manage the email address database and delete all those ‘out of office’ replies.

Maybe you love e-cards, and that’s cool, but even with humorous animation, funky music and instant gratification, e-cards don’t have the same emotional impact as a traditional, hold-in-your-hand, display-on-your-desk traditional Christmas card.

Oh, and if you are sending electronic seasons greetings, please do it soon before people go on leave so you don’t add to their already-overflowing holiday inboxes.

Here’s a novel idea: why not pick up the phone next week and really make a meaningful connection with your clients?