8 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Appointing a Social Media Consultant

As you are well aware the online and social world is getting busier and crowded by the minute.

You can’t just chuck up a Facebook page, Twitter profile, Snapchat account, live Periscope stream, Linkedin article, Facebook status update or Instagram page and expect to build an online community and achieve success for your business.

Success using social media and digital marketing requires research, knowledge, an understanding of your competition and how you fit within your industry and niche.

It’s no wonder that business of all types and sizes turn to social media and digital media and marketing agencies to help them find their way, develop social media strategies and execute campaigns.

“As a social media and digital marketer, consultant and mentor, I thought we could share some important questions to ask yourself before you venture down that path.” Newstyle Media’s Mikyla Gilbert says.

If you’re looking to work with a social media consultant it’s super important that you first answer these questions about your own business, team and goals before seeking outside consultancy or help.

1. What are your goals and objectives? What are you trying to achieve with your business? You will need to align your social media and digital marketing goals with your business goals.

2. What are your business strengths and weaknesses when it comes to social media? What are your individual team members’ greatest assets when it comes to digital marketing?

3. Do you have a clear understanding of what resources, talent, time and budget to you have available to commit to digital marketing? Do you have in-house staff that will be working on social media or are you planning on outsourcing all social media or just parts? If so what parts? Do you need training on particular platforms? You must have an idea of budget, even if it’s 500 a week or $20,000 a month, it’s critical that you know your constraints.

4. Who are you wanting to connect with online? Who is your ideal customer? Not broad like 18-65. But specific like the perfect customer for our business is 30-something male, blue-collar worker, homeowner. Or a 60-something female, empty-nester, high disposable income, interested in luxury home interiors. Or 18-20-year-old university student, girl/guy about town, fashion and health conscience. The more specific the better. This doesn’t mean your business doesn’t attract anyone else, but it’s a way of ensuring when you embark on social media campaigns you are focused on the ideal customer for your products or service.

5. Do you know what your audience wants from you? What questions are you being asked by your customers? What are they searching for when they go online when it comes to your products and or services?

6. What is your current digital presence online? What accounts, platforms, websites and content assets (videos, blogs, images etc.) do you have. Have your account names, usernames, passwords and links ready to provide a social media consultant.

7. Do you know what is working for you right now on social media? What analytics do you have?

8. Are you ready to be honest about the state of your business online with a digital agency or social media consultant? The more open you are the quicker a good social media consultant will be able to do a successful digital audit of your brand and help you move forward towards your goals.

The better you can understand your business, your ‘ideal customer’, your overall market and competition, the better a consultant or agency can help you with your social and digital marketing.

Your goal is to work closely with a consultant or agency to develop a strategy and use tactics that will help you connect with your ideal customer and audience with valuable and useful information.

The end goal must be to earn trust and bring people closer to your brand, resulting in increased revenue.

Now, don’t panic, if you don’t have all of these answers, a good social media consultant or digital agency will be able to guide you through all eight questions above.

There some great social media or digital agency out there, you just have to make sure you find the one you feel gets you and your business.

And remember, say no thanks to standard packages. You’re business deserves a bespoke complete social media content strategy and a tailored approach.

In need of some help?

  • Struggling to pinpoint exactly where to focus your social media marketing?
  • Is your marketing budget tighter?
  • Do you feel the pressure to spin straw into gold?
  • Have you been churning out social media posts across various channels for a while now, but still aren’t seeing a return on your time investment?

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