8 Crazy Games To Spice Up Your Office Christmas Party

Spice up your office Christmas party with these fun Christmas Games

Face the Ginger Bread Man

You will need: Biscuit for each person and a few spears for good measure

It’s you and the biscuit against the clock. When the timer starts, pick up your biscuit (without deviating past the mouth) and place it on your forehead. The aim of the game is for the biscuit to reach your mouth, without the use of your hands, only using your face muscles. The biscuit must remain on your face at all times and if it falls you must reset it back onto your forehead. The person who can get the biscuit into their mouth the greatest number of times within the 60-second limit wins.

Christmas Kiss

You will need: A taut length of string (at least 1m long) at shoulder height, 3 ornaments (baubles are best) with hooks

You and your partner have 60-seconds to move the three Christmas ornaments from one side of the room to the other and onto the string. Hands, feet or any other body parts are not allowed, the ornaments are only to be moved between the couples lips. If the ornament drops from between the couple’s lips, you will be disqualified.

Christmas Tree Stack

You will need: 36 Plastic cups all the same size (…size is important)

As the time starts, start stacking cups from a single stack into a pyramid shape. When the cup pyramid is complete and all 36 cups have been included, you can begin to get the cups back into a single stack. To complete game all of the cups must be stacked back into the stack within the 60-second time limit… plot twist, this game can only be played using one hand.

Wreathe Toss

You will need: 1 wreathe, string to hang wreathe from, large marshmallows and a bowl

Hang the wreathe somewhere sturdy (outside from a tree or in a door way can work well) and place the bowl behind the wreathe, in throwing range. The aim of the game is to see how many marshmallows you can throw through the wreathe and into the bowl within the 60-second time frame.

Red Nosed Rudolph

You will need: Vaseline, 18cm length Ribbon/ string with a medium red pom-pom stuck on end.

Rub a dab of Vaseline onto your nose and get ready to get Rudolphed. The aim of the game is to swing the pom-pom onto your nose from the string hanging from your mouth. Don’t touch the pom-pom with your hands or you’ll be disqualified. To complete the game, you must successfully score a red nose five times within a minute!

Deck the Balls

You will need: Wrapping paper tube for each player, 1 Christmas ornament and a taut length of string, at least 1m in length

Using an empty wrapping paper tube you and your partner have to work together using the suction from your mouth to lift an ornament with the tube. You then have to pass the ornament from the end of your tube, to your partner’s tube, to then hang the ornament on the string. To win this game, players must hang three ornaments using this method in 60-seconds!

Jingle in the Trunk

You will need: Empty Kleenex box with string attached to tie around players waste, 12 jingle bells

To play ensure your string is tied up tight around your lower waist. The object of the game is to shake, jump and move as much as you can to get all of the bells out of the box within the 60-second time limit.

Christmas Conveyer

You will need: A long ribbon (the longer the harder), a bowl of hooked Christmas ornaments and your Christmas tree

Stand facing your conveyor partner at a distance you think if most suited, the further away you both are, the harder it is. Wrap the ribbon around both of your waists and tie the ends together to form a loop. Player 1 must then hook the Christmas ornaments from the bowl next to them onto the ribbon. To start the conveyor each player must pull the ribbon towards one another (on opposite sides) to make the ribbon spin towards player 2. Player 2 must then hook the ornaments on the tree and the pair that can hook the most ornaments in 60-seconds wins.