3 Ways To Get Media To Promote Your Stuff On Their Social Media

We get asked all the time, “Can I get my business’ event or promotion shared through your social media channels?

It seems like a simple enough question, right? Yes or no?

Well, we cant always give a hands down answer of yes, as there are a few things we take into consideration.

We ask ourselves these four things:

  1. Would our readers consider this important and relevant information?
  2. Would our social media communities want to be interrupted with this type of message?
  3. Does this news or event fit with the style and editorial themes of our publication (and brand)?
  4. Have you got enough information and images to provide us with?

For example, if you have a bathroom tile business with showrooms in both the Adelaide Hills region and Port Adelaide, and you are having a family fun day at your Port Adelaide store, it is very unlikely that promoting this event via the Adelaide Hills Magazine social media channels would seem appropriate.

However, in saying that, Newstyle Media also publishes Your Kids Magazine. If the event or news item ticks the 4 points above for that publication, we might be able to promote through the Your Kids channels instead.

There’s more than one way to skin a social cat!

The wonderful thing about social media is that we are able to promote many more snippets of news and events than we are able to through the pages of our printed magazines.

(Also, worth noting that each magazine has a strong editorial policy that places editorial integrity on a pedestal – maybe more on this another time – check out this blog post How To Get Your Business Written About In Magazines).

Therefore, if we can not accommodate promoting your event or news item in the printed magazine, we can show you some love on social media and connect you with our online audiences too.

But, there is a right way to go about it – here are three tips from our digital team:

  1. Start by connecting with us on social media. Simple yet effective. We are slaves to our social media feeds and love communicating through social platforms.
  2. Tag us in your own social promotional campaigns. Then we’ll see the posts in our feeds and are likely to comment, share or retweet.
  3. Ask. Either ask via Facebook messages, direct messages via Twitter or Instagram, send an email or here’s a novel idea – give us a tingle!

Remember, if the news and/or event is relevant then we’d love to get behind it. It is in our best interest to inform our readers and online communities about what’s happening and what’s new.

It’s also in our interest to support local business and form stronger and successful relationships with our advertising clients.

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If you’re interested in finding out more information about advertising, digital promotional opportunities or have some news to share with us email us here.

PS. Take a photo of your magazine ad (or go one step further and ask us for the PDF of the page). Post it on your social channels and tag us. We 100% guarantee we’ll share it!

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