12 Reasons That Will Convince Your Boss Magazines Provide the Cut-Through You Need

If you’re part of a marketing department, or even just handle the marketing for a small business, you know that getting the media mix right in an advertising campaign spend is crucial.

If you’re working in conjunction with a media company, you can safely assume that they will be able to accurately plan a schedule that will give you the best reach, frequency, and ROI.

But what if you’re part of a company or small business that has an advertising budget but can’t afford the resources of a dedicated media company?

How do decide the make-up of your mix?

Which media is going to deliver best the results you want?

The first thing is to determine your target audience. If it’s quite defined, then mass media like TV, radio and out-of-home will struggle to get the numbers. Sure, a percentage will see the message, but there are better options.

Online and other digital methods will do the job but again, how do you determine which sites are going to get you the results you and, more importantly, your boss is expecting.

You’re covered with magazines

Sometimes a traditional approach is often the best option and magazines, although mostly ignored by the younger, more techno-savvy marketers, offer the best solution to reaching a niche audience.

Even if online and digital is an inevitable part of your advertising spend, adding magazines into the media mix is sure to garner you plenty of kudos.

Here’s a list of 12 reasons to convince your boss that magazines are the way to go.

  1. Focused

    Magazines are considered an immersive media, meaning that readers are not distracted by other media like TV, radio or the web. Consequently, content, including magazine ads, tends to be absorbed better than other media.

  2. Targeted

    By knowing your target audience, you’re certain to find a magazine suited to their interests. By taking out magazines ads within these publications, you know you’re targeting exactly the right people for your product or service.

  3. Relevant

    People who read magazines are interested in its editorial content and, by extension, receptive to magazine ads within the publication that are relevant to its content.

  4. Credible

    An established magazine about a specific topic is considered authoritative and trustworthy. Readers recognise brands advertising in these publications as reputable.

  5. Tangible

    Magazines are a tangible media. Because you can hold, touch, see and smell the product, the content seems real and reliable. The senses are further expanded when creative people get involved to come up with magazine ads that are even edible or can be heard.

  6. Accessible

    Magazines are always on — 24/7. You can read a magazine wherever or whenever you want. Consequently, magazine ads provide a durable message that lasts well beyond the issue date.

  7. Brand compatible

    Magazines deliver brand-relevant editorial and imagery. Readers are far more receptive to bands who associate and support the magazine’s content.

  8. Influential

    People turn to magazines for ideas and inspiration. This, in turn, drives them to a website for more information, or to spend either directly in store or online.

  9. Effective

    Magazines and, in particular, magazine ads, drive every stage of the purchase funnel, especially brand favourability and purchase decisions. These two metrics are considered the hardest to influence.

  10. Creative

    Although seen as a more traditional media, magazine ads provide a platform for incredible creative opportunities. Creative executions will make your ads more effective and increase brand retention. To find inspiration for your next magazine ad, take a look at our blog: Creative ads that prove magazines are an innovative media.

  11. Measurable

    Targeted magazine ads make for easy tracking and can be measured against sales figures throughout, and immediately after, the duration of a campaign.

  12. Enhanced ROI

    Numerous studies confirm that by themselves, magazines are a powerful way to increase ROI. In fact, in a European study, magazine ads used in a campaign had an ROI of 134%* higher than campaigns with magazine ads.

*Print Power BrandScience 2013

If your boss is still not convinced, how about letting them in on a few other magazine secrets?

  1. Magazines are often passed around to family, friends and work colleagues.
  2. Magazines have a longevity far beyond any other media by frequenting cafés, restaurants, pubs, reception areas, and waiting rooms.
  3. Magazines are perfect for announcing offers and running promotions.
  4. Magazines can be produced for a fraction of the cost of broadcast media.

By now your boss should be impressed. If not, we’re more than happy for one of our marketing experts to meet you for coffee or even help co-present to your manager, boss, board or committee. If you’d like to catch up, email us here.

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