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The Newstyle Media Team

Our team of magazine creators take our cherished content – and our readers' appetite for consistent content – very seriously. 

Our dedicated designers, writers, editors, photographers, advertising people, illustrators and staff – who all love magazines – spend a lot of time and energy making sure we’re finding and sharing great stories.

Get to know us in alphabetical order!


The office wine wanker with a lower case 'w'. Getting better with age. An ABC891 man working in an office with the radio stuck on Triple J. Spends weekends walking around the house picking up toys and escaping to the bottle shop to work on his wank.


Our resident journo - Ash is the sporty type who always wears a smile. The youngest member of the Newstyle team, her innocence provides unintentional entertainment for her colleagues. 

Christian Rugari


Known for talking with his hands, Christian does a mean version of 'Living on a Prayer' in his rock cover band. His three kids still think he's cool. His bucket list is bottomless.

Dougal McFuzzlebutt


The resident food, beer, wine and coffee snob, Dougal cooks for relaxation but spends more time photographing his food than eating it. He's the only McFuzzlebutt in the world.


Ellen is a writer by trade, a professional chatter-er and start-up photographer. She drinks more coffee than water, calls eating a hobby and really does like long walks on the beach. 


The proud proprietor of the messiest desk in the office, Emily is a bubbly British lass who drinks English Breakfast tea with the spirit of a successful English Cricket team.  If she’s not at work you’ll find her swinging a hockey stick or knocking back an espresso martini. 


Jackson’s world is pretty much design, booze and banter, and not particularly in that order. Always up for a laugh and seeing the world upside down.


The eternal optimist, Mr Glass Half Full believes the future is very bright. He’s climbed icy gigantic mountains and loves a journey cycling up Hills and down Vales. James is always thinking of how to make his Pinterest dreams come true. PS don’t get jealous of his ability to rock a great sock!


Wine and digital rep to the stars, this wine-loving fella knows a thing or five about advertising. At home he’s a husband and dad first, cyclist and amateur golfer first... whoops, second! 


Our most recent Kylie to join the Newstyle family, this one hates writing about herself but loves 'green things’ and blues music! She loves discovering new spots around Adelaide for brekkie, and her family (one hub, two bubs) is her favourite part of her world. If she’s gone AWOL, you’ll find her at Kingston Beach!


"Red red wine you make me feel so fine. You keep me rocking all of the time" sings our 80s chick - except when it's R'n'B Fridays in the office. This yummy mummy is always smiling and talking about her gorgeous kids.


The Dalai Lama of the office minus the leather sandles – and scampers up the stairs rather than shuffles. Sets high standards and drives a white ute (doesn’t like too many passengers). Gets the job done. Sweet. 


Known to many as the Ideas Chick, she’s an infectious communicator, columnist, slave to social media and a little bit naughty! She’ll show you her Hills if you show her yours. She’d cheerfully be paid in Chardonnay!


Miles is the creative type - graphic designer by day, and badass rock drummer by night.  He makes up for his frequently dishevelled appearance with subtle, yet poignant office humour. 


Always seen having a laugh at just about anything, Naomi (aka Nomes) is part of the graphic design crew. You'll often find her at a hip hop show on the weekend or looking for the next addition to her ever-growing necklace collection.

Nicolle James


If organisation was a religion, she would be a goddess. She is the cheeky (and slightly inappropriate) one around the office who always comes to work with a smile and her faithful biker boots.


She may be a UK import, but wordsmith Penny knows the Barossa like the bottom of a wine glass. Prefers dogs to people.

Rocio Rivadeneira


Meet Rocio, lover of all things bling! She is the money minder at work and away from work you’ll find her having fun with her grandkids, socialising with friends or pedalling a pushy around South Australia! Sometimes even commutes to work as its faster to get to work than a car.


Sky is the queen of writing lists and also quite likes talking to people. She has a pet galah that sets the neighbourhood dogs off by barking at them. She encourages this.


She offers our advertising clients integrity, energy and creative solution thinking. She’s also a gun-toting, recurved bow archer and swashbuckler on the weekend! Everyday offers up a new frontier for her to explore!


A veteran of the publishing industry, he is right on his game when it comes to embracing the opportunities that the new digital world offers. He’s a great lover of Australian sport – but more of a spectator than a participant these days!

Kate Parker


With over 20 years in marketing, Vanessa has recently been enticing audiences producing online video content. Known for taking the road less travelled she enjoys developing content strategy tailored for channels to deliver metrics that matter. Vanessa loves double espressos and all things S.A. She also claims to have a green belt in karate! POW!