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Design + Video


In the market for some great design?

We do all sorts of cool stuff! Each year, Newstyle Media designs thousands of advertisements and dozens of cherished printed publications.

As publishers of award-winning magazines, we have a brilliant team of graphic designers that loves to wrap their minds and talents around other projects.

Whatever your job or desire, we can use our collective creativeness to help your business. Logo, brochure, wine labels, online creative, social media visual assets, website, signage, annual report, catalogue, flier and brand image design gets us excited.

We love working closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results.

To request a quote for a design project please email us here.

Or phone our friendly team today on 08 8221 6355


Magazine Advertising design tips

We love magazines and know that with a great magazine ad your business will reach its marketing goals. We also love a fabulous magazine ad, so we've provided you some resources below to help you think about how to create a sensational advertisement.


We can help tell your business story with clever copywriting

Many businesses go to great lengths to look good but it can all count for nothing if we neglect the necessity of a good story. If your business copy isn’t professional, it could send the messages that your business is less than professional, too.

A professional business cares about what it says as well as the way it looks.

Our team of professional editors, journalists, and copywriters can help with copy for websites, e-newsletters, social media posts and printed copy. So if you’re worried that your business copy isn't as good as it could be, let us take a look at it. We'd love to work with you on telling your story, and telling it well.

Ask us today how we can help you tell your story. Phone 08 8221 6355.­­­­


Video is powerful. Don’t be afraid.

Do you have a desire to produce video content to use online as part of your content marketing strategy, but:

  • Find cost is a major barrier to using it?
  • Are too frightened of getting in front of the camera?
  • Don’t have the right equipment?
  • Don’t have anything witty or entertaining to say?
  • Can’t find the time?
  • Are afraid of not knowing where to start?

It’s okay, we get it. We can help ensure your business doesn’t miss out on the power of having video in your marketing toolkit.

At Newstyle Media we have a small, specialist video production team, camera and equipment. We can work with you to develop ideas and then create a succession of quick and simple branded online videos. These videos can then be released online when you choose to enhance your marketing campaigns and set you aside from your competitors.

Click here to view our three most popular video packages.

To watch some of our videos visit our Newstyle Media YouTube channel.