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Inside Marketing video Series

Inside Marketing // Hugh McIntosh

Welcome to episode three, season two of Newstyle Media's Inside Marketing Series. Join Ideas Chick Mikyla Gilbert as she interviews some of South Australia's most successful and entrepreneurial marketers and business owners. We discover what works – and what doesn’t in marketing and business from some our state’s best business minds.

In our third episode, we are joined by Hugh Mcintosh, senior brand manager of one of South Australia's most iconic brands – Bickford's Australia.

The brand has a fascinating and lengthy history in South Australia, first formed by apothecary William Bickford, later continued by his wife and sons who opened their first cordial factory in 1872. The iconic lime cordial first came into being in 1874 and a South Australian legend was born.

But how does one update a 143-year-old icon for the modern digital age?

Hugh discusses the paths and the pitfalls that have seen the brand gain from strength to strength since it's do-over in the 90s. Covering market research, brand partnerships and clever content marketing – this is a useful aide in modern marketing.

Find out how this quality focused South Australian brand is growing in a declining market. Combining traditional marketing with content and digital marketing has seen the iconic Bickford's see a new lease of life in the digital age.

Would you like to go from 8,000 Facebook fans to 45,000 in three years? You'll have to watch to discover for yourself.

Location Credit: Baddog Bar

Watch the video below.

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