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Newstyle Media Distribution
Who doesn't like to be picked up? We get 100% pick up, almost every time!

We often get asked why our new publication Fritz is free?

We prefer to name this self-selection (not just because it sounds swankier, but because we know when a reader picks up one of our magazines he/she does so with the intent on reading it).

It's very important to us, and our advertisers, that we continually assess and tweak our distribution placement locations to ensure we reach our ideal readers.

So where can I pick up a copy?

Fritz features all that is good about South Australia – including food, wine, events, sport and lifestyle – and will be distributed free via self-selection through our partnership with Foodland.

Fritz is distributed through 30 Foodland suopermarkets across Adelaide and South Australia.


Click here to find your nearest Foodland stockist.


Alternatively you can contact us via email here or call our friendly team on 08 8221 6355 and we'll happily suggest a pick up location for you.

You can always pop into our head office at 134 Gilbert Street, Adelaide Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to collect a copy too.


Fritz Magazine
WBM Australia's Wine Business Magazine




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